A flower radiant in its unforgettable color shapes each of its beautiful leaves into a poetry of nature. For this it needs water, warmth and time – only then can it tell its story and shine for itself and us in its uniqueness.

Even the most precious things in our lives are usually those with a unique story. Whether it is a loving person, a memory or a special piece of clothing which we feel very close and intimate on our skin.

At Atelier d‘Alice, natural fabrics such as silk and cotton are combined with the poetry of nature to create extraordinary art and fashion, where each individual piece tells its own unique story.

Because creativity and knowledge are best shared when nature as well as people are met fairly, the attitude of an ethical and sustainable supply chain is a given at Atelier d‘Alice.

The fabrics are either vintage or organically produced and have international quality seals like the GOTS seal.

Founder Alicia Feig from Berlin processes the high-quality fabrics with flowers and plants from nature using ancient japanese dyeing techniques.

Each piece is unique, because just like in untouched nature, the exact unfolding of colors and shapes can never be precisely determined beforehand.

“Through Atelier d’Alice I have regained my primal trust in nature and learned that diversity and individuality are the keys to true beauty”Alicia Feig