Our promise

Our consumerism in the fast fashion age is getting bigger and the mostly cheap products we consume are unfortunately valued less and less. On average, a piece of clothing only has a lifespan of about one to three years.

90% of the textiles bought in Germany come from import countries like China, India or Bangladesh. During the manufacturing and production of cotton or synthetic fibers like polyester, huge amounts of water, chemicals and pesticides are used, which have a strong impact on the environment. Chemical dyes pollute our groundwater, harming our health.

These materials are difficult to degrade and end up in the large landfills in Africa or Asia after being worn for far too short a time, where sooner or later they pollute the rivers and oceans and harm humans, animals and the environment.

Atelier d’Alice, on the other hand, stands for slow fashion and environmentally conscious and sustainable processing of each individual piece.

In order to have as little impact on nature as possible, our collections focus on vintage natural fabrics such as silk and cotton, which are treated and then dyed only with natural products from the environment (roses, dahlias, crepe root, etc.).

For newly produced garments, we make sure that from the yarn, lining to the fabric itself, only organic fabrics are used and they are also certified by internationally recognized certification seals.

We work, in addition to our own production in Berlin, in cooperation with carefully selected female and male suppliers and artists. We support each other and work together in harmony with nature.

Join us on this beautiful journey and become part of the Atelier d’Alice community.


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