About natural colors

There’s something magical about coaxing a hue out of something natural, like flowers and food scraps. It reconnects yourself back with nature. Not only the process, but also the extraordinary colors itself. Imperfections and variations make the pieces special.

Do the colors last?

Natural vibrant colors are not like chemical colors – they will fade and change over the years (from washing or sun rays).

However, all Atelier d’Alice products are treated before dyeing to ensure that the magical hues last as long as possible. With the right care, you’ll be playing a big part in that.

How do I care for my items?

Protect your unique item by keeping it out of direct sunlight while drying. Sunlight fades natural shades faster than chemical ones.

Most drugstore detergents contain chemicals that are caustic to natural dyes and have a high pH Level. This alters or bleaches our products.

Therefore, use a gentle, neutral pH detergent such as olive oil soap, Woolite or silk detergent (available here in our webshop).

Silk items in particular should be washed by hand & in cold water as usual. Iron only on a slightly low setting.

How does the dye get into the fiber?

Feel free to join one of our (online) workshops to learn more…