“I remember the smell of the juniper trees that kept watch in front of our house, the endless meadows full of flowers, as well as the sounds of the animals in the forest where my brother and I played as children”, so the artsit.

Alicia grew up far outside the city in a multicultural family in southern Germany.

Intense colors and soothing smells shaped her childhood and are reflected in each piece:

The scent of lavender in the garden and the lush red roses in the driveway combined with the folkloric music from her Slovenian grandmother’s kitchen. The joy of color and love of life mingled from the grandfather’s Neapolitan roots into the everyday life of the extended family.

Whether goldsmith, carpenter, singer or musician – there was always something to imitate with enthusiasm from an early age on.

With this curiosity about different cultures and free spirit, she has been living in Berlin since 2013, where she collects urban influences and brings them into her fabrics through non-toxic metals and elegant floral design. 

– Alicia Feig